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Private Labeling

A Product's Idea

Create Beauty Products

Proveda Herbals is a contract manufacturer and private label cosmetics provider. Under a customized brand name, our professionals create and modify beauty and skincare items. We guarantee that active substances and raw materials are subjected to rigorous scientific scrutiny. While researching our customers' projects, our marketing team looks forward to future trends.

Personalized Product Development for Cosmetic Businesses

The cosmetics industry is very competitive, and creativity is essential. We are always eager to assist the customers in developing a new range of cosmetics and skincare to delight their clients. To discover the ideal solution for our customers' brand, every project is a collaborative effort. To do so, we examine every part of the marketing brief of our clients, taking into account their brand image, strategy, timetable, and budgetary limits to assist them in making the best decisions possible.

For The Target Market, Custom Cosmetics

Customers are the lifeblood of any business, and its beauty items must live up to their expectations. The culture and habits of our client's target market are a deciding element in the personalization of these items. Proveda herbals also consider the distribution network, which is likely to impact product size and packaging design.

Innovative Cosmetics Creative Specifications

Our extensive expertise in cosmetic product creation will surely assist the customers in meeting all of the requirements and coming up with innovative solutions. Among them are:

  • Creams, lotions, gels, foams, innovative compositions
  • Sensory impacts for one-of-a-kind goods
  • Moisturizing, purifying, rejuvenating, UV protection and whitening are some of the intended effects and aesthetic claims.
  • Kind of dispenser and container, shape, size, or unique packaging idea desired packaging solution
  • We can help the clients decide on cost-cutting measures for their projects without sacrificing quality.

A Variety of Packaging Alternatives for Everyone

Our manufacturing facility is very adaptable, capable of handling various package kinds and sizes. We can assist the customers with little or big tasks. We provide a broad range of packaging options to help our clients discover the right match for their target market, product function, and product design:

  • Principal packaging and aesthetic solutions various sorts of caps, closure systems, dispensers, lids, droppers, and applicators
  • Folded cartons, inner boxes, labels, cell wraps, and sleeves are examples of secondary packaging options.

Customs Packaging Solutions for Specific Needs

Our marketing staff keeps a close eye on cosmetic innovation to ensure that our customers' product stays on top of the newest trends. To keep informed, we attend several events and trade shows. We also like working with our clients to develop unique packaging solutions. We presented a novel idea that blends cutting-edge formulation processes with a unique setup for manufacturing, packaging, and filling airless cushion foundation products.

Suppliers Customers Can Trust to Meet Their Deadlines

We collaborate with specialized vendors to provide as many packaging options as possible. Our choice of vendors has been thoroughly vetted for dependability, best practices, and quality. Our suppliers are constantly given tight parameters regarding delivery timeframes, regulatory standards, and quality to ensure that our clients' deadlines are met. Proveda Herbals is a full-service firm that handles everything from design to formulation to manufacturing to filling and assembly. We can assist the customers with their cosmetic projects from start to completion.

For Creative Cosmetics- Custom Assembly and Filling 

Innovative assembly and filling procedures for unique beauty products are developed using our modular production equipment and professional in-house engineering processes:

  • Our filling equipment and assembly lines handle liquids, creams, gels, oils, O/W emulsions, W/O emulsions, and micronized suspensions.
  • Our specialist technique is used for various beauty and skincare products, regardless of viscosity or density.
  • Semi-automatic or automatic assembly and filling are set up on our specialized filling lines.
  • We can also work with various packaging materials, including glass, plastic, jars, aluminum tubes, and bottles.
  • All cosmetic products from our filling and production lines undergo a rigorous quality control process.

1. Equipment 

  • Our production plant employs cutting-edge manufacturing technology to provide the finest quality goods for our clients during low and high-volume fills.
  • Our laboratory is manned by an educated group of chemists and a clinical team that is very competent.
  • Our formulations are combined in sophisticated stainless-steel mixers that can handle various formulations, particle sizes, viscosities, and hot and cold mixing operations.
  • Fillers, sealers, and cappers are automated and semi-automatic on our lines. Our bottle and jar lines and our tube lines are used to process mixed formulae. These lines fill and cap their products, while the tube lines fill and seal theirs utilizing ultrasonic and heated equipment.
  • All items are combined for the labeling process using our diverse range of labelers. They are then coded using modern laser and inkjet coders once they have been branded. Finally, we employ hot sealing equipment to safely shrink-wrap and seal the items before delivering them.

We are dedicated to providing the customers with contemporary, efficient production facilities and goods of the greatest effectiveness and quality. Our highly experienced production team has a track record of success and can assist the clients in developing a skincare line. The customers can contact our team for further information about our production facilities and capabilities.

2. Selecting the Packing

The account executive of our customers will walk them through our packaging options once their product manufacture has commenced. We offer a whole store devoted to packaging alternatives on-site. While it seems to be a difficult undertaking, we will simplify it for the customers. The account executive will assist the clients in selecting a variety of product packaging solutions to create a unified and outstanding design after asking a few essential questions about their vision, brand, and budget.

While we provide a variety of packing choices included in the price, any extra alternatives are considered a subject or an upgrade to a small fee. Our executive will walk the customers through the several packaging choices available to them.

3. Forming the Brand's Identity

The customers will discuss their brand now that their new skincare items have been developed and their selected packaging. It is critical to understand who the customers are selling to and who they are as a business. While this work seems daunting, we will guide the clients through a branding brief that will ask them basic questions about their company to produce a design appealing to them and their clients.

4. Packaging Development

We will start creating the package for our clients after their branding has been defined, their items have been manufactured, and their packaging has been selected. At Proveda Herbals, this is a design approach that translates our customers' BRAND onto their skincare goods, rather than just putting a logo to an existing label. Our design team will create many variations of the labels for the customers to study and offer comments online. Our simplified creative approach is efficient, ensuring the customers get their projects done as quickly as possible.

5. Selling and Marketing the Product

Our assistance does not finish after the customers get their new skincare items. Our experts will continue to offer the clients the knowledge and direction they need to promote and sell their items efficiently. We will give the customers the knowledge they need to succeed in the skincare industry, from our online ingredient database to our on-staff skincare specialists and product brochures. The clients can contact us for additional information on how to get started with contract manufacturing, and their new account representative would be glad to help.

6. Logistics

All parts of receiving and shipping are handled expertly by Proveda Herbals. We regularly transport shipments of various sizes internationally and domestically, and we can help the customers with paperwork and regulatory compliance. We also possess a climate-controlled warehouse for businesses that want warehousing services.

All incoming products go through an organized inspection procedure throughout our receiving process. All samples, packaging, and raw materials are examined, arranged, and processed completely. We have a strict receiving procedure to guarantee that all products are correctly received and recorded. We also have a specialized receiving room where all freight is processed and classified for simple distribution and stringent processing to avoid loss and damage.

7. Warehousing

Active customers can benefit from warehouse services, including climate-controlled and regular storage solutions. Packaging, labels, and raw materials are among the products stored at our warehouse. Any products the customers keep with us are recorded in our inventory system, which allows us to manage and maintain them.

8. Shipping

We strive to deliver all items as promptly as possible. Whatever the shipping requirements of our customers are, we strive to satisfy them. We send anything from small items to huge international containers daily, and we deal with FedEx, USPS, and UPS regularly. We cooperate with the preferred carriers and freight forwarders of our clients. Our shipping manager inspects all shipments and performs the last quality check to verify that packages are properly packaged, ready to dispatch, and secured.

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